10 Most Controversial Opinions on Finance

Personal finance is a complicated game. While most people live paycheck-to-paycheck, pleading that the end of the month comes sooner, others focus on their next asset.

The conversation online recently centered around the most controversial opinions people have on finance. The results were entertaining and informative, if somewhat visceral at times.

There was lots of kickback against those for whom savings and assets are central to their happiness.

Too Many People Believe Their Balance Defines Them

For every $100 she earned when they were married, she saved $10 and invested it.

Use This Ten Percent Rule

“If you can’t buy something twice, then you can’t afford it once.” Enough said.

Making Your Payments Doesn’t Mean You Can Afford Something

The basics you will learn in elementary school create a springboard for all that comes in later life.

Develop Solid Study Habits Early

Some people choose to sell up and retire in a country where land, housing, and living are cheaper such as Thailand or Mexico.

Embrace Your Inner Passport, Bro

The only caveat is the cost of monthly repayments aren’t more than the monthly generated revenues.

Leveraging Debt Can Work

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