10 Most Popular  Stay-At-Home Jobs

Stay-at-home jobs have become increasingly popular post-pandemic.

Even though one could have performed the positions listed here at home before the pandemic, many have become more popular in recent years.

Organizations have quickly pivoted to full-time remote work where you can stay at home to get the job done.

An accountant’s average salary is $58,488, though this number can vary widely depending on an individual’s experience. Many accountants make six-figure salaries.



The average salary for a business consultant is $75,356. The most experienced business consultants can make well into six figures, with good benefits.

The average salary for a project manager is $78,675. Project managers often require a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to demonstrate expertise in the field.

Project Manager

This stay-at-home job typically does not require a college degree, making it one of the more appealing jobs for someone with a high school education.

Customer Service Representative

The average recruiter’s salary is $54,500, though there are a lot of variabilities depending on skills and experience.


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