10 Most Useless Things People Spend Their Money On

Do you spend your money frivolously on stupid things, or do you know someone who does? We all do. Door Dash and Uber Eats? Need I say more? Between the higher menu prices, delivery fees, and tips, you can spend $35 on a single sandwich!

Most Useless Things People Spend Their Money

1. Donating to the Church The number one voted response is the controversial issue of tithing to a church. Someone explained that her aunt scrapes by regularly. She claims she can’t even afford to replace her old shoes full of holes.

2. Designer Clothing Brands Many noted that most expensive designer items are “made poorly and not worth a dime.” One added, “When I came of age and had my first paycheck, I spent it on a designer jacket that fell apart in a week of wear.

3. Expensive Jewelry Several users agreed that wasting horrendous amounts of money on jewelry is foolish. One suggested that many celebrities buy jewelry equivalent to a house’s price or more, which is ridiculous.

4. Cigarettes Many suggested that cigarettes are the worst purchase you can make. Yet, the prices continually rise without hope of a decline because they know you’re addicted.

5. Name-Brand Food Somebody shared, “Name-brand food is such a waste of money. I’ve been buying store-brand food since I started doing my shopping. Compared to my parent’s grocery receipts, I save at least a third, if not half, of what they spend on the same types of products.”

6. Souvenirs from Convenience Stores Many Redditors suggested that souvenirs from convenience stores are a scam. One added that most products cost the company less than a dollar. Then they sell for twenty dollars and above.

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