10 Popular Comedy Shows That Are Painfully Unfunny

So many great shows have come and gone over the decades. Then some shows were good but hung around for far too long.

Finally, some shows were insanely popular but didn’t age well, leaving said comedy shows painfully unfunny. After asking for those examples, these were the top-voted shows answered.

"I was watching and thought the show was the worst piece of television I have ever seen,"  one person recalled.

Two and a Half Men

“Gotta be The Big Bang Theory. So so, so low level,” one person said. “It’s a show about nerds made by people who know very little about nerds,” one said.

The Big Bang Theory

“I loved Full House as a kid, but man, is it hard to get through now,” one person admitted.

Full House

2 Broke Girls is the least funny sitcom in television history,” one person commented.

2 Broke Girls

“It’s a humor we had evolved past in 2013, and it’ll make you raise your eyebrow at best, making you go, wow, this used to be funny?” one person said.

How I Met Your Mother

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