10 Steps Women Should Take Negotiating Salary Compensation

They are making progress, as women are primary breadwinners in 41% of US homes but still carry the additional caregiving and household duties.

More women are graduating college and hold more graduate degrees than men. They are reaching higher corporate levels, and there are more women-owned or founded businesses.

Women tend to be less assertive and more accommodative than men. That may leave significant money on the table, starting with their first job’s salary.

Studies have pointed to the “social cost of negotiating” which negatively impacts those who are self-advocating for a salary raise. It shows that the hit was significantly worse for women than men.

1. When You Limit Yourself To The Offer Before you go gangbusters, know that specific jobs may not be negotiable.

2. Do Your Research First Be aware of the typical salary ranges for jobs in your field and your geographic area. It may be difficult for you to negotiate when it’s your first job.

3. Build your Negotiation Skills Take a class to develop your negotiating skills,  or find a good negotiation coach.

4. Getting A Job And Negotiating Salary Terms If you have completed the interview process for a job you desire, show your enthusiasm but do not discuss salary.

5. Take Time To Mull Offer And Show You Are Serious If you do want to accept the offer, give it orally and follow up immediately in writing.

6. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments As you move up the corporate ladder, keep a personal journal of what you have done, not hours worked.

7. Solicit Manager Support It is always a good idea to have management in your corner who can provide you support and feedback.

8. Getting A Raise You always want to be paid what you are worth, whether you are changing jobs or moving up the ladder.

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