10 Stories Where the Bad Guys Are Actually, Completely, 100% Right

Typically, the villains in movies, television series, books, and other media sources are nasty individuals in the wrong, and they’re evil for the sake of it. However, in some cases, the characters presented as the antagonists are in the right.

Bad Guys Are Actually, Completely, 100% Right 

1. Saved by the Bell (Mr. Belding) Mr. Gerald Belding was the principal of the fictional Bayside High School in the popular television sitcom Saved by the Bell. He was portrayed as the stereotypical authoritarian disliked by students, but one user posited that he was a good guy.

2. Dennis the Menace (Mr. Wilson) Dennis the Menace is a comic strip turned into a live-action movie in 1993. It’s about a mischievous young boy who wreaks havoc on his neighbor, Mr. Wilson, who is presented as the stereotypical nasty and grumpy older man.

3. X-Men (Magneto) Magneto was a popular answer, with several users suggesting the X-Men villain was just in his cause. Many believed his actions were extreme like he was the Malcolm X to Professor Xavier’s Martin Luther King Jr., but most agreed he was right to stand up against humanity’s hate for mutants.

4. Donald the Duck Cartoons (Donald Duck) One Disney fan pointed out that Donald minds his business in every Donald Duck cartoon when someone bothers him, and then he gets blamed for standing up for himself. The poster then said they relate to Donald more and more as they age.

5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Todd and Margo) A movie-loving user answered that Todd and Margo Chester from 1989’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation were utterly right to be annoyed with Clark Griswold’s antics and shouldn’t have been presented as the bad guys. Clark did cause literal property damage to their home, after all.

6. Inhumans (Maximus) Another Marvel-based answer in the thread was Maximus from the Inhumans television show. One superhero enthusiast said that Maximus is seen as the villain for the entire series run despite attempting to free enslaved people.

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