10 Stupid Fees Companies Charge That Should Be Illegal

Fees are a fact of life for everyone, but some fees are truly outrageous. From hidden charges to unexpected add-ons, companies are finding new ways to nickel and dime every step of the way.

Stupid Fees Companies Charge

“Convenience” Fees Some companies charge a “convenience fee” for the privilege of paying online or over the phone. This fee can range from a few dollars to as much as 15% of the total purchase price. There is no justification for this fee, as it costs the company nothing to accept payment electronically.

Early Termination Fees Many service providers, such as phone companies and cable providers, charge customers an early termination fee if they cancel their service before the end of their contract. This fee can be hundreds of dollars, making it nearly impossible for customers to switch to a better deal.

Baggage Fees Airlines are notorious for charging baggage fees, but these fees are particularly egregious. Some airlines charge as much as $100 for a single checked bag, making it more affordable to ship your luggage separately. These fees make it difficult for families and budget travelers to afford air travel.

Resort Fees Many hotels charge a daily resort fee in addition to the advertised room rate. These fees can be as much as $50 per day and are charged regardless of whether you use any of the amenities. This fee is particularly insidious, as it is often hidden until the customer checks in.

Overdraft Fees Banks are well-known for charging overdraft fees when customers spend more than they have in their accounts. These fees can be as much as $35 per transaction and can quickly add up. Banks often process transactions in a way that maximizes these fees, making it difficult for customers to avoid them.

Credit Card Processing Fees Small business owners are often charged a credit card processing fee for every transaction they accept. These fees can be as much as 4% of the total purchase price, cutting into the business’s profits. This fee is particularly egregious, as it penalizes businesses for accepting credit card payments

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