10 Terrible Pieces of Money Advice People Received From Their Parents

Have your parents ever given you a terrible piece of financial advice? You’ve got plenty of company.

Several Redditors flooded the comment section after someone asked for examples of terrible advice their parents gave them regarding money. Here are the top responses.

"My mum’s family had filled my head about their pensions. So I thought having a pension was pointless because you could lose everything."

You Don’t Need a Pension. You Could Lose Everything.

Another Redditor shared their parents told them not to use internet banking because it’s “dangerous.” However, recently, she had her phone and purse stolen.

Internet Banking Is Dangerous

Many people in the thread shared that their parents told them to “spend up” because they can’t take it with them when they’re gone.

You Can’t Take the Money With You When You Go

"My parents told me to go to college. How do you expect to earn enough to live comfortably without a degree?"

You Won’t Achieve Success Unless You Get a Degree

"Oh yes, the ole turn up uninvited in a suit. Give them some courage and a firm handshake; a job will magically appear routine."

Your Sunday’s Best, Your Resume, and Hit the Town

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