10 Things People Confessed Were Their Worst Money Spent

I battled addiction for many years before finding sobriety in 2013, and I can confidently say drugs and alcohol were the worst money I’ve ever spent.

1. Bailed Out an Ex One Redditor explained, “Five years ago, I took out a $10,000 personal loan to bail out my ex from the consequences of his actions. Good job, self. It’s paid off, and I am fine. But I have to laugh about it. Otherwise, it is just sad.”

2. Doggy Doctor Bills “I paid $2000 for my dog to get an x-ray, and it turned out he just had a leg cramp from not drinking enough water that day,” confessed one.

Their Worst Money Spent

3. An Unnecessary Taxi Ride “Once, I paid $20 for a taxi ride to drop me off at the same spot because I couldn’t be bothered to ask for directions, and it turns out that I was looking for a place that was a bit hidden and right there. I still think about it to this day,”

4. Overpriced Bad Hair Day I paid $470 a couple of weeks ago to get my hair done. When I left, my hair was five different shades of orange, and I wanted to cry (it was supposed to be blonde). I then had to spend an additional $250 on products from Sally’s to fix it at home.

5. A Parking Spot Mix-Up in New Orleans, LA

I paid $75 to get a boot off my car in New Orleans after paying $25 to park. I was assigned spot #15, but someone else parked in it, so I just parked in #16.

6. Graduate School I didn’t have to pay tuition while attending graduate school and got a stipend (Ph.D.). Still, the opportunity cost of not saving or contributing to retirement for five years is killing me.

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