10 Unconventional Personal Finance Tips People Shared Are Working

We all know the traditional finance tips for saving and spending money.  But what unconventional personal finance tip has worked well for you?

After someone asked a popular personal finance forum for the answers, these are the top-voted replies.

One user warned, “Be extremely careful with who you marry. It will be  your life’s most significant financial decision – treat it like that, as  romantic as that is.”

Be Careful About Who You Marry

Many agreed in the thread that setting a limit on what you’re willing to spend is a great way to use discretionary spending.

Make a Dollar Amount Rule

True, many have heard of No Spend  November. However, one user encourages you to choose a few months out of  the year and commit to no spending.

No Spend Months

All will benefit your finances and keep you healthy (arguably the most excellent form of wealth).

Practice Health for More Wealth

Several Redditors stated that walking saves them money by not owning vehicles or using public transportation.


Smoking takes an enormous toll on physical and financial health – it’s burning money.

Quit Smoking

Shoutout to whoever hacked my MapleStory account, which I had spent roughly $2000+ on without realizing it!

Quit Spending Real Money on Games

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