10 Valuable Money Lessons From Netflix’s Squid Game

This absorbing thriller is about 456 game show participants trying to survive dangerous contests to win the ultimate cash prize.

I found valuable money lessons to share that can teach us through this series.

Despite the harsh brutality, I was  fascinated by this drama, the transformation of some players from their  low positions in life to honorable stature.

Like investing, rewards are proportionate to the risks you assume and seek similar rewards.

High-Risk High Reward Proposition

When investing, you should never put all your eggs into one security or asset class but diversify your risks among several investments.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

My advice is that you don’t let your debts pile off to levels you cannot pay off on time.

Pay off Your Debts

Make your savings work for you by investing the money.

Save Money

Emergency funds are essential when you  are facing unexpected expenses such as hospital bills without sufficient  medical insurance.

Establish An Emergency Fund

It is imperative that you carefully  secure your accounts with complex passwords, use a password manager,  two-factor verification, and review your accounts.

Protect Your Financial Accounts

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