10 Wild Conspiracy Theories People Believe To Be 100% True About Movies

Have you heard any fascinating conspiracy theories about the most influential films in Hollywood? I had listened to a few but found a fun post on the internet asking for examples. So here are the top-voted responses for your entertainment.

1.  Disney’s Frozen Several people believe the title of the Disney movie Frozen was changed from its original version, The Snow Queen. Many think this is true due to the wild rumor that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen after his death. Others admit they don’t know whether this is true or false, but they hold onto the idea because it’s fun to think about.

2.  The Child Actors of The Twilight Zone The production of the 1983 film, The Twilight Zone will be forever marred by the tragic accident that caused the deaths of two child actors and one adult actor. The child actors were hired under the table and against California State child labor laws.

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3.  James Cameron Did Sam Worthington a Favor One user thinks Sam Worthington’s role in Terminator Genisys came as a favor from James Cameron. Cameron pulled Worthington from living out of his car to play in Avatar in 2009. However, Cameron did Worthington a solid by including him in the cast of Terminator Genisys while “waiting for that sweet, sweet Avatar cash to start rolling in.”

4.  Jon Favreau in Chef Following the difficult time he had during the writing and filming of Iron Man, Jon Favreau embarked on a new film voyage in Chef. In this film, Favreau plays a celebrity chef who wants to take a different path and open up a food truck.

5.  Jar Jar Binks was a Sith

In the Star Wars universe, force-sensitive people can do miraculous things that non-force-sensitive people can’t. Things like mentally manipulating the people around them (Jedi mind tricks) and leaping great heights with little to no effort, to name a few.

6.  The Original Design for Sonic the Hedgehog The original Sonic design was a publicity stunt to garner attention, “and it worked.” However, one individual continued there was no way the animation team could have reanimated Sonic for an entire movie in the time they had available. This lends evidence to the idea that it was orchestrated from beginning to end.

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