10 Worst Characters in The Twilight Saga Ranked

It’s time for a good dose of Twilight hate. What is it about this saga that fans love to hate so much? Could it be the weird story, mediocre acting, or Bella’s stupid twitchy face?

Whatever it is, fans love to bash their favorite films, and today, they’ve ranked the top ten worst characters from the books and movies for your giggling pleasure.

One person said, “Bella. Misogynistic, selfish, passive, and incredibly annoying. I fully understand why Rosalie wanted her dead initially.”

Bella Swan

After someone nominated Jane, a fan informed, “Jane is permanently twelve in the books and was burned at the stake."


Edward Cullen

“The guy is still severely immature. He watches her sleep and stalks her. And acts like Bella can’t make her own decisions and as if his answers are always correct," someone said.

Renesmee Cullen

For those not in the know, Renaissance is one of many different ways Twilight fans reference baby Renesmee. Especially after seeing that  Ratatouille of a baby doll.

Sam Uley and Emily Young

One fan replied, “Technically, this is a duo of despicable characters, Sam and Emily, for how they treated Leah."

Paul Lahote

“Paul,” one fan confessed. “It just bugs me whenever he comes up. The extra temper screams red flags- wolf or not.”

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