11 Ways To Get Free Amazon Prime (or Cheaper)

 Amazon Prime is the sticky membership offer that drives the company’s success and helps consumers save money.

With Amazon Prime, you receive free two-day shipping on over  100 million items. Some products may qualify for delivery on the same day if they bear a mark that says ” Prime FREE Same-Day.”

Without Prime, two-day shipping costs could be $14.95 or more. Recent supply chain issues and inflation pushed up shipping costs.

Having an Amazon Prime membership makes it easier to save money, but sales can induce people to overspend, especially when using credit cards.

1. Free Trial You can get a 30-day free trial to fully explore all of the Prime perks, including the ones we highlighted. You must have a credit card when applying for the trial.

2. Share An Account With Friends If you are single, sharing your dwelling with friends, you can split the cost, rendering the same benefits.

3. Free Gift Cards There are many ways to get free money, including Amazon gift cards that add up to a year’s Amazon Prime membership.

4. Get An Extra Free Month Amazon values its Prime customers, recognizing their long-term value to the company. Customers did not consistently rank Amazon’s customer services high.

5. Share Amazon Prime Account With Friends The Amazon Prime household includes two adults and kids. It will be up to you to square away details when signing up for the membership and add separate addresses and credit cards.

6. Switch Cellphone Plans Metro by T-Mobile (which now includes Sprint) offers its users free Amazon Prime if you sign up for Metro’s $60 unlimited rate plan for as long as you keep that plan.

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