12 Fun and Simple Jobs for 10 Year Olds

Financial literacy is an essential  survival skill. Getting kids ready for success means teaching them basic  survival skills that are right for their age.

As adults, their lives can be  monumentally improved if they begin to understand the rudiments of  personal financial management early on.

Even at a young age, you can teach your child how to make money with these jobs for 10 year olds.

Some children are talented actors; if  you have a child at home who says they want to be on television one day,  consider movie roles as a 10-year-old job.

Perform In Movie Or Artistic Productions

This is great for kids who love outdoor activities. If your child is just starting, you might suggest that they begin by assisting the homeowner.

Yard work

This option is usually top-of-the-mind  for many parents. It’s a quick and straightforward way for your children  to make extra cash over the summer.

Lemonade Stand

If the task is too much for them to handle at once, they can finish it by splitting it up into manageable steps.

Organize Clutter

Being a social media influencer is a means to convert your child’s interest into a social media following.

Social Media Influencer

If your 10-year-old has a creative mind  and is skilled with their hands, an Etsy shop is an excellent place to  begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Etsy Store

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