13 Shows People Hate That Everyone Else Seems to Love

How often have you heard people obsessively talk about a show you couldn’t find yourself liking? Everyone is talking about this show wherever you go or look, but you can’t find the appeal.

So here is a list of some of the top answers to the question, “What’s a show you hate that everybody loves?”

A user replied, “Everyone kept telling me to watch it, saying how funny and crazy it was. It wasn’t funny; it was trashy, infuriating, and depressing. Those poor animals.”

Tiger King

"People say it represents their high school experience, which is mind-blowing. Where did you all go to high school that any of this was happening!?!"


One said, “Even Game of Thrones fans hated Game of Thrones as of season eight!”

Game of Thrones

“Yeah, I turned it off midway through the second episode,” one admitted.

13 Reasons Why

One Reddit user said, “Riverdale. I watched up to series four and enjoyed the strangeness. Then it got TOO strange and complicated to keep up with, so no, thank you!”


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