15 Fun Things to Do with Friends That Don’t Cost Any Money

Hanging around with friends is crucial to maintaining connections and improving mental health. But what fun activities do you do when you get in touch with your friends? Should you go to an expensive restaurant, explore an exhibit, go bowling, or play at the amusement parks?

What about free things to do? When you are looking for something to do with friends, you want it to be fun without breaking anyone’s wallet. You want to avoid splurging or making big purchases with inflation and recession.

Picnic in the Park

It might be cliché and simple, but eating at a park is great for your mental health and well-being. Everyone loves to be out in nature since it is a source of relaxation and regaining strength and energy.

If your friends are in town and don’t want to spend money on fast food or restaurant, you can host a small dinner party at your place. To make it more exciting, you can call your friends to bring a recipe so you can make dinner together.

DIY Dinner Party

Depending on where you live, you can do many fun outdoor activities for free – hiking, biking, kayaking, strolling, boardwalk, skating, sightseeing, stargazing, and more. These outdoor adventures can be done in the summer or winter.

Outdoor Activities


You can de-stress when you sing to your heart’s content. You don’t need to go to a karaoke place when you can set one up at home. You only need a mic or a fake one if you don’t have a mic and a TV to go on Youtube.

Yard Sale

If you and your friends are looking for side hustles to make extra money or exciting things to do, you can set up a yard sale to sell things you don’t need or want anymore. Finding and organizing items in your home might take some time and work, but making the extra money will be worth it.

Whether you are learning a language for fun or to travel, studying it with your friends makes it more motivating than learning a language by yourself. You can quiz each other and use language-learning apps to help you.

Learn a New Language

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