16 Things That Are Technically Legal but Still Gives People the Ick

The laws of the land tell us what  we can and can’t do as a society. But that doesn’t always mean everyone  agrees with what is legal and what is not.

One person on a popular internet forum wondered, “What is considered technically legal but still gives you the ick?” Others flooded the comments with perfectly legal things that made them uncomfortable.

The biggest issue many  have with child pageants is the sexualization of young girls.

Child Beauty Pageants

Many commenters find child marriage disturbing because kids cannot consent.

Child Marriages

Users agreed that using kids as entertainment to gain views online harms their development.

Mommy Vloggers and Family YouTube Channels

Tech companies across the country are allowed to harvest a certain amount of data for their own mysterious uses.

Harvesting Personal Data

Many commenters claim that it’s hard to avoid corruption in politics when this is the case.

Limited Restrictions on Political Campaign Funding

“It’s basically saying, ‘I would **** children if it weren’t against the law,” one user fumed.

Using “Barely Legal” to Advertise Adult Films

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