Here Are 17 of the Most Ridiculous Rules People Had to Follow To Appease Their Families (or Not)

My mom was strict, especially about not sitting on certain chairs or couches, except for when we had company,  and even then, we were limited.

Scrolling around the Internet, I found weird rules, some of which were real doozies. As the saying goes, “to each their own.”

When he turned 18, he returned from high school and found all his belongings in the driveway.

He Turns 18 And Finds Clothes On His Driveway

Someone shared that their mom took 50%  of every birthday, and Christmas card they got, put it in a savings account, and bought them a car at age 16 with it.

Sometimes Rules Are For A Good Purpose

Enforced Bedtime

Enforcing early bedtimes was a common theme on this thread, but 8 PM for a guy in his 20s?

Infinite Bagel Paper Towel

Someone told of a friend whose dad had one paper towel specifically used for eating bagels. You can only reheat  or eat your bagel on the bagel towel.

Take Me Home, Mom!

The little girl had seen beer in the fridge and called home crying because she was very frightened.

Parents Ran A Tab For Their Kids

A Redditor shared that his friend’s parents ran a ‘tab’ for him and his brother.

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