18 Online Jobs That Teens Can Do From Home With No Experience

Working from home is a great job option for teens. Unemployment rates are typically higher among adolescents than the rest of the population, so having the opportunity to work from home without prior work experience can be a great leg up.

Finding jobs as a teen can still be challenging. Many employers look for experienced workers, even for entry-level jobs. Many of the best jobs for teens are positions that you can do online. With school and sports, scheduling work shifts can be a significant challenge.

1. Virtual Assistant The average salary for a virtual assistant nationwide is $24.77 an hour. Many roles require little to no experience and can lend themselves well to fitting around a school schedule. The first step to becoming a virtual assistant is to identify what skills you have that can apply to the business world.

TikTok Creator

TikTok is a lot of fun. The platform needs a lot of fresh content in various niches. To incentivize creators, TikTok pays for content based on view count. You can monetize your videos by consistently creating exciting content that grabs eyeballs.

3. Online Surveys You will only make a little money with online surveys, but they are easy to complete. Online surveys pay money because companies want to know how consumers view their products.

4. Blogging

On the opposite side of quick cash from online surveys would be blogging. It takes a long time to build up a blog that is large enough to earn money. However, most teens don’t need to pay their own rent, and so they may not need such a consistent income.

5. Start a YouTube Channel Being a YouTuber sounds fun! You make exciting videos and get to work from home. You can get started creating content on YouTube with a smartphone. Have the proper equipment to keep viewers interested and keep growing your audience.

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