19 Great Alternatives to Amazon for all your Buying and Selling Needs

We all love the convenience of Amazon. If you need something, you can order it in one click and have it delivered to your door as early as the next day. Amazon’s efficiency is second to none, which is why it’s hard for so many of us to ditch the service.

Why Do I Need an Alternative to Amazon? Although Amazon is efficient and convenient, it has a reputation for treating its employees poorly. Low wages, long hours, and high stress are par for the course for most employees.

They are the best in the business for a reason. You can buy nearly anything on the eCommerce giant and get it delivered the next day with Amazon Prime.

There are many reasons to keep shopping at Amazon, from the free standard shipping to the one-stop convenience, but there are just as many reasons to explore alternatives.

What is the Best Alternative to Amazon?

Amazon is the best if you need a place to buy anything you can think of in one spot. However, there are a lot of great alternatives to Amazon if you are looking for specific items.

Alternatives to Amazon for Books Amazon started as a bookstore, so it makes sense that many people still use it to shop for books. However, there are three excellent alternatives to Amazon for books, most of which are far more socially conscious than Amazon is.

Bookshop.org The best place to buy books online is Bookshop.org. Its mission is to support local, independent bookshops. Better World Books is another option for ethical book consumption. This online book store donates books to people in need and has made it their mission to fight for literacy. If you can’t find what you need at the two socially conscious online booksellers, Barnes & Noble is the next best thing.

Alternatives to Amazon Prime TV Amazon is trying to take over the streaming industry in addition to the retail sector. Amazon Prime TV has a wide variety of hit shows, and it makes streaming easy. Prime members don’t even have to pay anything extra for this service.

Hulu has options for both live television and streaming your favorite shows. Netflix is the grandfather of all streaming services. Although Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon are the giants of streaming services, many other options exist. Some are more niche, and others offer alternatives to basic cable.

Alternatives to Amazon for Pet Goods Our pets are important to us. You can easily get most of your pet’s needs at Amazon, and as a bonus, you can set up reoccurring shipments for perishable items like food and litter. Amazon isn’t the only game in town, though.

Chewy is the best alternative to Amazon for all of your pet’s needs. Not only do they have all the food, litter, and toys that you could need, but they offer reoccurring shipments for perishable items as well.

Alternatives to Amazon for Gifts Amazon is a great place for one-stop gift shopping. The fact that you can ship directly to your recipient easily makes Amazon one of the go-to places for buying gifts.

Etsy is the best place to find unique items for gifts. Teepublic is an alternative to Amazon Merch. With Teepublic, you can buy t-shirts, mugs, binders, blankets, and various other items with attractive graphics on them.

Lots of Alternatives to Amazon Whether you are a buyer or a seller, there are many ways for you to replace Amazon in your daily life. These alternatives may not be as well-known as Amazon. Still, they offer ethical consumption, free shipping, a myriad of products, competitive pricing, and almost as much convenience as the internet giant.

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