20 Fun Fall Activities You’ll Love and Won’t Hurt Your Budget

My favorite is the fall season. Sandwiched between hot and cold temperatures, there is much to do in the season of two names, with autumn, more formally. Leaf-peeping is just one of the various fall activities that make maximum use of all our senses for an affordable budget.

20 Fun Fall Activities You’ll Enjoy That Are Budget Friendly

Fall Foliage Near You There is always fall foliage at a place near you. I’m partial to the East Coast, especially New York and New England, but they are everywhere. Get a fall foliage map or a leaf-peeping app to find the best time and place to experience the colors nearby. Go on a scenic drive with the top down, ride a bike, or hike to explore the area.

Take A Breath-Taking Hot Air Balloon A unique way to see fall foliage is the panoramic bird’s eye view by way of a hot air balloon. It’s not for the faint of heart who may have height concerns, but if you can hack it, it’s an exciting experience. Another unique way to achieve an extraordinary view is by taking an open-air flight with a vintage WWI plane with the pilot sitting behind you.

Take a Nature Walk Fall is a lovely time to take a nature walk, and you can combine a trail, photography, bridges, rivers, and an age-appropriate scavenger hunt or use nature words for Bingo. Ask your kids to find or take photos of signs of Fall. They’ll find squirrels finding acorns, birds flying south, falling leaves, and popular fall flowers like mums, dahlias, and yellow sunflowers.

Visit Farmer’s Markets It’s fun to go to a farmer’s market in the early fall to shop for the best products from owners who take such pride in their market. Many farmer’s markets stay open until late fall or even all year round. Fall fruits and vegetables are plentiful in farmers’ markets and may include apples, pears, winter squash etc.

All Things Pumpkin Pumpkins are such a symbol of fall that it deserves their own category for their versatility. Starting with picking the pumpkins as a fun adventure with kids, you can display them on your steps, carve them for Jack-o-Lanterns, pull out the pumpkin seeds for planting or roasting, or make pumpkin bread, muffins, pie, puree or soup, spice up your latte.

Stargaze the Fall Sky Grab a telescope or binoculars and find the new constellations in North America during the cooler fall evenings. The Harvest Moon is the full bright Moon that usually occurs at the start of autumn. Before electricity,  farmers used the light from the moon to harvest their crops.

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