21 High Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

A college degree is a sensible way to invest in one’s future, but for many, the financial burden may come at too high a cost. For example, the average cost of a four-year degree in the U.S. is over $140,000.

For some individuals, deciding to enter the workforce directly after secondary school may be the logical financial decision. Not only are there several high-paying jobs $100k+ that don’t require a degree, but choosing this path avoids the potential debt burden that can take years to pay down.

Besides the benefit of avoiding student loan debt, many jobs that do not require a degree are less corporate and allow for more flexibility. Many of these jobs are in high-demand fields, and you can find these jobs throughout the U.S. regardless of where you want to live.

High Paying Jobs

Top Picks For High Paying Jobs for Travel Lovers – Commercial Pilots – Commercial Diver – Bookkeepers and Auditing Clerks – Web Developer – Turbine Service Technician – Programmer – Elevator Installer

Turbine Service Technicians Median Salary: $63,640 As renewable energy grows and wind turbines pop up everywhere, there is a need to service and maintain these specialized devices. Service technicians are referred to as windtechs in the industry.

Commercial Diver Median Salary: $60,360

ommercial divers install, repair, and maintain machinery and structure underwater. Divers work with explosives, underwater welding equipment, power tools, and construction equipment in their daily work.

Criminal Investigators Median Salary: $83,640 per year Perhaps your calling is to become a criminal investigator. Criminal investigators work crime scenes on and off location to solve cases by collecting facts and studying the evidence.

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