21 Reasons Why Reading Is Important And Powerful

1. Provides An Opportunity To Learn It doesn’t matter what you read; you’ll absorb something that will impart knowledge.

2. Reading Books Out Loud To My Kids We found our old favorites to revisit with our kids, especially when reading became more interactive and they would ask a myriad of questions or simply say, “Again!”

3. Have More Empathy By reading, we expose ourselves to many different personalities, situations, and cultures when we read.

4. Reading Teaches Us To Be Humble Those who are most educated, like our medical doctors often have what is called intellectual humility.

5. Discover Places Around The World Reading expands our view of places and cultures around the world and historical times.

6. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone There are very few genres I don’t like now since my love of dystopian stories was a great learning experience.

7. Books Can Be Life-Changing Life-changing books are rare, but when you find them they are wonderful gifts.

8. Provides Inspiration And Motivation Fiction and non-fiction nourish your energy and expand your thoughts into new territory.

9. A Break From Social Media I am sure I am not alone  lets me know how many hours I spent twiddling my digital thumbs on less than satisfying reads.

10. Scientific Reasons Exercising Your Brain There have been several studies that link reading with brain changes.

11. Help You With Anxiety or Depression Just as reading can stimulate your brain physically, fiction can help people dealing with depression and anxiety.

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