The 23 Best Ways To Sell Books And Save Money

Affording college can be expensive with rising tuition, room and board, utilities, internet, and streaming services.

Indeed, college textbooks go up faster than inflation, rising by 1,000% since the 1970s. According to Education Data Initiative, the average price goes up by 12% for each new textbook edition.

Are you stuck with books at the end of the term? Think about selling textbooks at the end of the semester and making extra cash to help your budget.

1. College Campus Stores

Your college campus bookstore may be the most convenient place to sell your books. Still, it is not necessarily the best way to sell your used textbooks as they are more motivated to sell the new editions, so they may only accept the latest publications.

You can sell your textbooks directly to future students taking your professors. Let other students know you are likely selling the book as soon as your semester ends through social media and in person.

2. Directly To College Students

An old-fashioned way to sell unwanted things, including textbooks, is through a garage or tag sales in your neighborhood.

3. Garage Sales In May

Abebooks partners with TextbookRush, an online campus bookstore, to provide a convenient buyback service. You’ll need to insert the book’s ISBN into their website to receive an estimated price based on condition, and edition.

4. Abebooks

5. Amazon

Amazon a prominent place to sell your textbooks. If you have an Amazon account you participate in its textbook buyback program. Amazon will help you send your books to them for free with a shipping label.

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