25 U.S. Romantic Getaways with History, Luxury, and Serenity

When planning romantic getaways, you’re looking for a place that hits all the high notes.

America’s historic hotels provide just that – a special atmosphere for couples looking to spend time together and enjoy what some of our country’s best hotels have to offer.

25 Romantic Getaways at America’s Historic Hotels

This U.S. Virgin Island resort has been a favorite for romantic getaways for generations. Its iconic building, sweeping Caribbean views, and gentle winds draw couples from all over the world.

The Buccaneer – US Virgin Island.

The Omni Homestead Resort in the countryside of Virginia has been drawing guests for special getaways for centuries.

The Omni Homestead Resort – Virginia

Inn at Perry Cabin – Maryland

Fans of the movie Wedding Crashers already know the gorgeous views of this luxury hotel featured in the film.

The Willard InterContinental – Washington D.C.

If you’re not comfortable traveling right now, place the Willard Intercontinental on your list for a December romantic getaway

The Omni Royal captures what makes New Orleans so unique. At La Riviera, the Rooftop Pool Bar, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon together.

Omni Royal Orleans – Louisiana

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