25 Ways To Save Money And Feel Good About It Story

To make more money, we need to learn how to spend less, save more and investment wisely. As the number 1 economic power in the world, the US is a consumption-oriented country, programmed to spend more, which fuels our country’s growth.

Among its OECD country peers, the US is not dead last (we are ranked 22nd of 36 countries in 2015) but we are in poor company with Greece and Portugal at the bottom. Anyone remember those countries’s woes?

How we spend now differs dramatically from 1901 if we look at our major spending categories as a percentage of total expenditures.

According to the US Labor Statistics special report, consumer spending in 1901 as compared to 2017 was as follows:

– 42.5% of total spending went to food, the largest category in 1901 compared to 12.9% in 2017, with nearly 44% of that amount spent for eating out of our home. This is by far the largest difference in spending.

We have different attitudes about saving money depending on our background, current financial situation and our psychological makeup regarding self-control, fear of economic uncertainty, and pessimistic-optimistic outlook.

How we think about money has many influences

Let me show you the ways: 1. Brown bag your lunch for work. It’s cheaper and healthier. The alternative can cost $50/week and $2600 per year. With these savings you can pick your spots for eating out with friends and family.

How can we save more money?

Use your local library for books rather than buying books for Kindle or your shelves. I have always loved reading and have spent a big part of my free time reading and writing reviews on Goodreads.

1. Don’t buy music if you have Amazon Prime (we are huge fans). We also use the free versions of Spotify and Pandora.

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