30 Most Famous Artists of All Time

Do you like art and want to know more about the most famous artists of all time? Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for.

Their lives and careers will bear out that they deserve to be esteemed as the leading lights in art. Check out this list of the most famous artists to see if your favorite made the cut.

Leonardo da Vinci is widely acknowledged  as the most famous and influential artist of the Renaissance and one of  the most renowned artists.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Michelangelo is often referred to as one  of the greatest artists in history. Over 400 years after his death,  people still admire him worldwide.


Gian Lorenzo Bernini is a defining sculptor of the Baroque era, having had an impressive career lasting almost 70 years.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Rembrandt van Rijn is one of the most  renowned painters in history, and his work has had a lasting impression  on the world of art.

Rembrandt van Rijn

Johannes Vermeer is considered one of the greatest Dutch Baroque painters of his time.

Johannes Vermeer

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