32 of the Best Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs

Raising children presents a unique new set of challenges, none of which come with a playbook or a paycheck. Parenthood is rewarding, but not always daily. The burden of caring for children and elderly parents often falls on mothers, and many leave their jobs, which stalls their careers and hits their retirement savings.

Since the pandemic, remote working has become a reality, enabling more workers to work from home for their employers and providing more opportunities for stay-at-home jobs for moms and dads who seek a better work-life balance.

We put together a list of legitimate stay-at-home jobs for moms that should fit varying needs, flexibility, and lifestyles. These home-based jobs need little to no experience and can be done part-time or flexibly.

Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador can work from home, representing a company and its products or services to the public in various ways.  Brand ambassadors make $49,220 in average annual salaries or $21.09 per hour.

Gardening has lots of benefits. Besides encouraging you to work on your garden outdoors, it can be moderate exercise, relieve stress, and be deeply fulfilling.


Consider starting a YouTube channel. Many bloggers and influencers have channels teaching on many topics. It can be fun and fulfilling to grow a following and potentially make an impressive income.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

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