34 Fun Things to Do in Florida

You work hard, and you play harder. How about a trip to Florida?

Unlike any other place, Florida has  beautiful beaches and state parks, fun shopping, big farms,  thrill-seeking amusement parks, and more.

There’s clearly something for everyone. Check out this list of things to do in Florida.

Seaworld Orlando is more than an aquarium. It is an aquatic theme park filled with numerous exhibits and attractions.

Visit Seaworld Orlando

It is one of five National Tropical  Botanical Gardens where you can marvel at fruit or flowering trees from  the tropics, and by a dwarfed 80-year old baobab tree.

Tour Kampong

Here you will find the largest source of aquatic memorabilia and aquatic books, manuscripts, and literature.

Walk Through The Swimming Hall of Fame

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the winter home of farming manufacturer James Deering.

Visit Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

The museum inspires people to value the world’s rich and diverse biological and cultural heritage.

Be Inspired At The Florida Museum Of Natural History

This theme park, water park, and botanical garden are located in Orlando and Tampa.

Take The Ultimate Vacation To Legoland Florida Resort

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