Here Are 40 of the Best Jobs For Retirees

Are you a retiree but still want to work? Retirement and the concept of transitioning to the next phase of life are undergoing reevaluation. People either delay their retirement to a later age or “retire early” after finding financial independence through the FIRE movement.

Both can be excellent options. When it comes to retirement, no one roadmap works for everyone, including spouses. It is not unusual for spouses who have been together for decades to have different goals if and when they retire.

Continuing to work as a senior citizen may not appeal to everyone, but the virtues of work are plentiful for many. We put together a list of jobs for retirees that should fit the varying needs and lifestyles of those who prefer to remain working.

1. Engineering Professor

There is strong demand for engineering professors to teach aspiring engineering in undergraduate and graduate students. Professors can get $59,660 annually.

The quality assurance inspector works for factories and manufacturing plants to ensure the proper and efficient assembly of products and processes according to rules and regulations or recommend changes. They earn about $59,651.

2. Quality Assurance Inspector

Home inspectors assess electrical, heating, plumbing, and structural systems in houses. It is essential for homebuyers to have protection by hiring home inspectors to find potential defects in buying homes.

3. Home Inspector

Home care nurses provide services for patients following surgery, rehabilitation, or longer-term care, averaging $16.40 per hour.

4. Home Care Nurse

5. First Aid Instructor

Retiree nurses can teach CPR, basic life support skills, and first aid training in emergencies before first responders. They can teach in schools, retirement communities, and hospitals, to name a few. They earn about $23.61 per hour.

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