5 Habits People Thought Were Normal Until Someone Pointed It Out

Sometimes, we don’t realize we have certain habits until someone else points them out. Recently, people on a popular online forum have been sharing the habits they thought were normal until they got called out.

These habits range from the harmless to the potentially harmful, but they all share the common theme of being habits that people didn’t realize were unusual until someone brought it to their attention.

Habits People Thought Were Normal Until Someone Pointed It Out

Biting Nails Many people bite their nails, and it’s often seen as a nervous habit. However, for some, it’s just something they do without thinking. 

Sleeping in Clothes While there’s no harm in it, some people find it uncomfortable to sleep in clothes, and it can affect the quality of their sleep. Plus, sleeping in clothes can make you feel hotter than you would if you slept without them or in lighter pajamas.

Reheating Coffee Many people love their morning cup of coffee, and some will even go as far as to microwave it if it’s gone cold. However, this habit can be seen as a faux pas in some circles, as reheating coffee can alter the taste and texture of the drink.

Using a Phone in Bed It’s become a common habit for people to use their phones in bed before they fall asleep. However, this habit can be detrimental to sleep quality, as the blue light emitted by phones can interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep.

Not Washing Hands After Using the Bathroom This habit is one that many people are guilty of, and it can have serious consequences. Not washing your hands after using the bathroom can spread germs and bacteria, leading to illnesses like the flu or food poisoning.

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