5 Moving Surprises

While contemplating the financial outlay of a move, many people limit their projections to the cost of professional movers, a pile of boxes, and plenty of packing tape.

But most moves require additional expenses that can quickly throw off a budget if not accounted for. Extra Space Storage compiled a list of five often-overlooked moving costs to help people properly budget and plan.

5 unexpected costs of moving

5 unexpected costs of moving

Renting a storage unit

When researching spaces, consider your needs. What is security like on the premises? Do stored items require climate control? Will you need to access the space/stored items? If the area is on the upper floor, is there an elevator? Is there lighting in the unit? Can a moving truck fit into the space needed to load/offload?

Packing supplies

Another option is grabbing boxes from stores that will toss them out anyway. It might sound awkward to approach a retail or grocery store manager this way, but many are accommodating. Stores often break boxes down before disposal, so arrange with the store manager to be there beforehand to score on free packing boxes.

Losing your security deposit

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development houses a complete list of tenant’s rights for each state. All renters should educate themselves as to the particular rights and statutes in their state. Your state may require a landlord to return a deposit within a specified time.

Gas and other associated travel costs

You may have to hire someone to transport your vehicle, in which case there are options to ship a car. If you have a leased vehicle, this may be a crucial decision, as mileage overages can catch up with you once your lease ends. When researching car-shipment options, check to see if your car insurance covers your car in transit, or whether the shipper offers insurance if it does not.

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