5 Unexpected  Costs of Moving

While contemplating the financial outlay of a move, many people limit their projections to the cost of professional movers, a pile of boxes, and plenty of packing tape.

A base quote for a local move can range from $500 to $2,000, but this may not include fuel or drive-time. For those making long-distance moves, initial over-the-phone quotes typically start around $7,500.

5 unexpected costs of moving

5 unexpected costs of moving

Renting a storage unit

Storage in transit is a service offered by moving companies for those moves where a household’s contents will need to be held until a new residence is ready for move-in. The average rate for this service is 40 cents per cubic foot for 30 days.

Packing supplies

How many packing boxes and how much tape to buy is tough to gauge; consequently, it’s one area where costs can run up quickly. But there are myriad options when looking to cut costs on these packing supplies. You can score free boxes thanks to social media platforms like Nextdoor and Facebook or look for notices of people giving them away, and if you don’t see any, put out a request.

Another option is grabbing boxes from stores that will toss them out anyway. It might sound awkward to approach a retail or grocery store manager this way, but many are accommodating. Stores often break boxes down before disposal, so arrange with the store manager to be there beforehand to score on free packing boxes.

Losing your security deposit

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development houses a complete list of tenant’s rights for each state. All renters should educate themselves as to the particular rights and statutes in their state. Your state may require a landlord to return a deposit within a specified time.

Gas and other associated travel costs

When vetting moving companies, it’s important to learn how each mover factors fuel into quotes. With gas prices continuing to rise, many moving companies have resorted to passing additional fuel expenses on to their customers.

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