51 Ways To Save Money In College

Does anyone want to save money in college? College is the perfect time to develop good financial habits and put money in your pocket.

Learning to manage money on a tight  budget, pay down debt, control spending, and make money may be among the  best lessons you can get in college.

If you are on your way to college, there are ways your parents may be able to help you as well.

Don’t buy new textbooks, try used or even free textbooks. Rent your books from Chegg, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Be Resourceful At College

Live at home if you are near campus. At the very least, you can do your laundry and pick up snacks in a pinch.

Budget Your Living Expenses

Find the cheapest ride-share in your area if you need to go somewhere not covered by public transportation.


Make sure to use available Wifi on campus and at home to stay within budget on your data plan.


Look carefully at offers for credit cards with the lowest interest rates and cashback rewards. Please review their terms for what they charge in fees and penalty rates.

Money And Banking

You should set up a high-yield savings account with a local bank. You should get free checking as a new account holder.

Use Credit Cards Carefully

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