6 Actors and Actresses People Watch No Matter What They Star In

Great actors progress through stages. Early in their careers, fans catch a glimpse of the talent and, each time they see the actor in a new role, realize that the talent is no fluke. Once the actor has built up a long enough resume, the great ones enter must-see-at-all-costs territory.

These actors and actresses have achieved near cult-leader status, and boy, have they earned it.

You have ten minutes to name one Christian Bale unequivocally bad movie. There are a couple (Amsterdam and Thor: Love and Thunder come to mind), but the list is short.

1. Christian Bale

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ film credits started in 1960, so it’s inevitable that there are some stinkers within his massive resume. However, Hopkins’ show-stealing performances in films like Silence of the Lambs (fava beans and chianti, anyone?), Amistad, The Elephant Man, and The Remains of the Day converted many viewers into ride-or-dies.

2. Anthony Hopkins

Toni Collette will never grace the air of superstardom occupied by Angelina Jolie or Margot Robbie, but it’s not for lack of talent, dedication, or tangible accomplishment. Collette is a serious actor, plain and simple.

3. Toni Collette

Cillian Murphy goes by many names. Tommy friggin’ Shelby. Scarecrow. That stalker dude wouldn’t leave Rachel McAdams alone in Red Eye. Robert Oppenheimer.

4. Cillian Murphy

The two-time Oscar winner (as of 2023) played Bob Dylan in I’m Not There, convinced the world that elves were real in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, donned armor in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and has proven time and time again that she’s not messing around once the camera starts rolling.

5. Cate Blanchett

Anything but the traditional leading man, Plemons’ ability to play a Bostonian mobster (Black Mass), a midwestern yokel forced to deal with his wives’ homicidal mistake (Fargo), and a creepy neighbor aggrieved by his non-invite to game night (Game Night) proves his range.

6. Jesse Plemons

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