6 Admirable Jobs That Have Lost Much of Their Luster Over the Years

Society evolves quickly over time, and it’s jarring to look back at  well-respected occupations that have now lost their luster! Recently,  men and women met in an online discussion to reveal the jobs that don’t  shine as brightly as they once did in the eyes of the general public.

Have you ever had any of these jobs?

In 2023, blacksmiths have  seemingly disappeared without a trace! “They were the town engineer,  manufacturer, craftsman, and problem solver all in one,” recalls one  boomer. “Now they are mostly just hobbyists.”


Residents of cities and small towns considered DJs minor celebrities (I  was one of these people)! However, thanks to the advent of countless  music streaming services, the disc jockey lifestyle doesn’t have the  same perks as it once had.

Radio DJ

According to countless people, back in the 1970s, all your friends were  jealous if you were dating a stewardess! Not only was flying a more  high-end and luxurious experience back then, but a flight attendant  position was highly lucrative and sought-after by men and women of all  ages.

Flight Attendant

Long before the advent of the internet, the only way to go on a vacation  of your dreams was by contacting a local travel agent. The occupation  was always in demand; who doesn’t look forward to booking unforgettable  trips?

Travel Agent

While working for the U.S. Postal Service was never the most glamorous  job, it’s gotten less desirable in recent decades. “All I deliver now is  junk mail and Amazon packages,” one mailman confesses.

Postal Service Letter Carrier

There is a chasm of difference between bankers working in the ’70s and  ’80s and bank employees in the present day. Many people recall bankers  as being something many young people aspired to.


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