6 Common Behaviors That Annoy Wealthy Individuals

Anger is a universal language to the dissatisfaction of every kind, and even all the money in the world couldn’t spare the well-to-do from this band of emotion when triggered.

While how we react to the actions of others is not always dependent on the length of digits on our bank’s ledger balance, certain behaviors get the ultrawealthy riled, according to members of one online community who pinpoint these attributes as those the affluent find most distasteful.

A delivery man who has run errands for many years in the highbrow areas of Los Angeles says it’s almost deathly silence in the affluent neighborhood, and walking a loud dog nearby is enough to infuriate the gentle folks.

1. Owning Loud Dogs

“What do you need a union for when they assume the working conditions they put in place are the best in our galaxy and places beyond interstellar space?” someone asks sarcastically. A respondent adds that although the suggestion of forming a union enrages the rich, you can appease them by calling for a “police union” instead.

2. Forming a Union

In the face of growing inflation and skyrocketing prices, asking for a raise, albeit small percentages, shouldn’t irk anyone. But several people on the thread claim it gets the monied angry, and it could be your ticket out of a job if you insist on getting some top-up.

3. Asking for a Raise

Greeted by a wide upvote, many users feel looking a billionaire in the eye is seen as condescending because they believe they are somehow above such decency. In agreement, someone advises that moneybags be force-fed humble pies and should be told what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

4. Looking Them in the Eye

The fat cats, especially those bred from old money, don’t know how not to be trust fund babies, and not having some assets fixed in your name by your parents can attract resentment to your way and theirs, one user explains.

5. Not Having a Trust Fund

“When I was in college, I would tell my friends straight up that I was too broke to go out and party with them, and it only ever bothered the guy whose parents are minted,” one user grudgingly narrates.

6. Vocalizing Your Woes

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