6 Common Falsehoods People Need To Stop Believing in Immediately

Let’s dive into a world where gas stations are always packed, birds are more forgiving than your mother-in-law, and a raise means you’re suddenly richer than the Queen.

In doing so, you may discover the truth behind some of the most commonly believed lies.

“I Bet I’m the Only One to Get An Oh-So-Brilliant Idea”

People on the forum recounted their experience of thinking they could get gas on their way to work or be 30 minutes early at lunch and avoid the rush; in the end, they were severely disappointed to see that a few hundred folks had the exact same idea.

“A Raise Means All Your Income is Taxed at a Higher Rate” Whoever said that getting a raise means losing more money to taxes was probably the same person who believed that the earth is flat. Fortunately, only the excess amount gets taxed.

“Mama Birds Won’t Take Back Babies After You’ve Touched Them” Just because you touched a baby bird doesn’t mean Mama Bird will reject it like a bad first date. In fact, as one person pointed out, Mama Bird might thank you for helping her clumsy little chick back to the nest.

“Being a Doormat Will Make My Life Unproblematic” Let me guess, do you think being a doormat is the secret to a stress-free life? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not. Regardless of how perfect you try to be, someone said it wouldn’t guarantee that everyone would love you or you won’t have conflicts.

“Life is Fair” If you believe life is fair, then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. As many people commented, life is more unpredictable than the weather, and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

“Your Acne Will Disappear Once You’re Older” Oh, honey, if only clearing up acne was as easy as getting a senior discount. Unfortunately, many people pointed out how pesky pimples haunted them well into their adult years, thanks to hormones and meds.

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