6 Countries With the Best Food in the World

Despite our conflicting differences, food is one of those unspoken languages that unite people worldwide. Trying out new food from other cultures is a unique and thrilling experience. Inspired by members of an online food discussion, here is a list of 12 countries with the best food in the world.

Countries With the Best Food in the World

Several people agree India has the best food in the world. “I have had almost everything on the menu at my local Indian restaurant, and I’ve never had a meal or snack I disliked,” says a food enthusiast.

1. India

Mexican cuisine is an extravaganza of robust flavors and brilliant colors. Can a country live up to its reputation, even down to its cuisine? Mexico does so effortlessly with vibrantly seductive meals, just like her music.

2. Mexico

Pronouncing the names of great Greek cuisines can be difficult, but who cares about the terms when the meals are so spectacular they make you lose your mind? From the tangy enticement of tzatziki to the deep comfort of moussaka, Greek food celebrates the best of the Mediterranean.

3. Greece

French cuisine is as much about technique as specific ingredients, hence why quality never falls short with French meals. If you are looking for some French food, a contributor recommends you find yourself a croque madame: it never disappoints.

4. France

Want a country meal that inspires bliss with every taste? Then, look up Italian cuisine. It’s safe to say that the Italians own pasta, with the excellent variety of pasta meals they boast.

5. Italy

Watching Chinese chefs perform the art of cooking leaves most food enthusiasts in awe. But creativity isn’t the best part — the taste is! China invites you to explore a world of flavors, where you meet many regional cuisines and the perfect use of ingredients.

6. China

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