6 Dark-Humor Comedies That Will Have You Bursting at Your Seams

Here are some suggestions in a recent online post asking Internet users for their favorite dark comedies. Have you seen any? What do you think of these choices?

Dark-Humor Comedies That Will Have You Bursting at Your Seams

Death to Stalin charts a darkly comical glance at Joseph Stalin’s last few days, with stellar performances from a talented ensemble of British actors.

1. The Death of Stalin (2017)

This movie’s use of deadpan and artful slapstick features creates a laugh-out-loud insight into four Muslims living in Sheffield, one of whom is a bad-tempered Englishman desperate to showcase a strong commitment to his new-found religion.

2. Four Lions (2010)

“Glad I’m not the only one that likes movies that go off the rails and just keep getting worse,” jokes a commentator in a new thread. Very Bad Things was the decorated director Peter Berg’s first feature film.

3. Very Bad Things (1998)

The movie’s story of a schmuck’s ‘false’ spousal kidnapping gone awry is movie canon of the highest order. Is it the Coen brothers’ darkest comedy? “You’re darn tootin’.”

4. Fargo (1996)

“It’s not a comedy exactly, but it has dark comedic elements,” writes a movie fan. “I don’t think it gets the praise it deserves.”

5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

David Lynch and dark comedies are like that (picture fingers twisted in unison). He practically owns the genre, defining much of the ’90s with his brand of twisted randomness and absurdist narratives.

6. Wild at Heart (1990)

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