6 Dream Treats People Would Splurge on if Money Were Infinite

Imagine a reality where your bank account was bottomless and financial constraints vanished. What would you choose to splurge on?

Here are 6 dream treats members of an online forum would throw their money at if money were no object.

Having grappled with the stress of parenting strong-willed children and skin-picking linked to ADHD, they were initially taking therapy sessions. Their therapist, however, recommended a shift.

1. Massages: A Luxurious Escape From Stress

Imagine never having to cook or clean up after a meal again and no more eating average take-out food on lazy days. You can relax as your chef cooks exotic meals, freshly prepared and full of nutrition and flavor. It’s the epitome of luxury!

2. Private Chef: Savoring the Culinary Delights

The concept of spontaneous, unplanned trips to far-off lands and extravagant stays in luxurious hotels captures the imagination of many forum members.

3. Trips Abroad: Travel Unrestrained

One user cuts straight to the point: “Just staff.” Housekeepers, nannies and chauffeurs. The convenience of having a team to handle daily tasks and chores is priceless.

4. House Staff: Simplifying Everyday Life

Therapy has become needed today, but unfortunately, many have to go without it due to its unaffordability. Many users share that it would be an ultimate dream to seek mental health support without the burden of hefty bills or lengthy waiting lists.

5. Therapy: Consistent Support

Fitness enthusiasts dream of having a personal trainer at their beck and call. A gym can feel like a maze with countless machinery, and you may often feel overwhelmed when starting out.

6. Personal Trainer: Fitness on Demand

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