6 Everyday Things From the 90s That Are Now Luxuries

Had we only known that everyday things we were accustomed to daily might disappear or become a luxury, would we appreciate them that much more?

With the advent of technology, we carry computers in our pockets, access a lifetime of entertainment, music. sports, and video games, and shop without leaving our couch while communicating with friends and family anywhere in the world.

New Furniture with Real Wood

The quality of new furniture is not the same as solid wood, which was more typical 20 to 30 years ago. A few people shared that their grandparents had solid bookshelves and beds still in strong shape.

Owning Software Purchases One person shared that he preferred owning open-source software for a one-time payment and receiving a physical cassette, CD, or DVD you’d download and use indefinitely.

Free Driver’s Education Classes Public high schools used to offer driver’s education classes for free, but those offerings were eliminated years ago. While students may get a free class to get a driver’s permit, most will need driving instructions from private companies that charge hourly or as a package.

Affordable Health Care Getting health care has become expensive.  Also, the culture of medical practitioners has deteriorated, as they have less time to spend with patients and seem burdened by their practice.

Making Friends People spend more time on social media communicating with their friends or getting likes and follows than developing interpersonal relationships that may last for decades.

Not Being Reachable  24/7 One person lamented the times when it was customary not to be expected to be reachable on a 24/7 basis. With smartphone technology, many bosses hope you answer your phone or text, regardless of the time, even when you aren’t working.

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