6 Exotic Destinations With Otherworldly Scenery

We all yearn to escape the daily grind; some want to escape reality altogether. However, those who aren’t partial to substance abuse will have to make do with traveling to corners of the world that look like they could be on another planet.

A recent online post highlights some of these eerie countries.

“It’s far enough east to lose the European feel of western Turkey,” comments the first travel expert, “and combined with the crazy history and topography, it really feels otherworldly.”

1. Cappadocia, Turkey

Unfortunately, the recent tragic fires have put Maui on the map for all the wrong reasons when people should be discussing its vivid beauty. Most visitors would rather concentrate on the bizarre landscape than its new status as a political talking point.

2. Maui, Hawaii

“The salt flats in Bolivia,” begins the next contributor. “A lot of the time, it feels like you’re on Mars.” The best time to enjoy this natural phenomenon is between December and April, when rains give viewers that picture-perfect symmetrical perspective.

3. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

“There are so many varying landscapes, the majority of which feel almost untouched,” preaches the next outdoors lover. We all yearned to see New Zealand’s Alps after being teased by Peter Jackson’s popular movie trilogy. 

4. The Southern Alps, New Zealand

Like the United States, China is blessed with not only huge volumes of wildland but has some of the rarest land formations in the world. One example is the hauntingly beautiful narrow peaks in Guangxi Province.

5. Guangxi Province, China

You might have seen that famous Instagrammer’s shot of the crystal-clear, blue water hole with someone invariably floating on it. This fantasy scene is one of many salt-water springs in the Siwa Oasis, western Egypt, part of the Qattara depression.

6. Siwa Oasis, Egypt

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