6 Fashion Trends From the 90s People Are Still Obsessed With

From grunge to minimalism, the 90s had a little bit of everything, making it a fashion-forward decade that still resonates with fashion enthusiasts.

Some of the most iconic fashion trends emerged during this era, and it’s no surprise that they continue to be relevant in the current fashion world.


Velvet is a luxurious and elegant fabric used in fashion for centuries. However, it was trendy in the 90s as a critical fabric choice for various clothing and accessories, including dresses, skirts, jackets, shoes, and bags.

Round Sunglasses The 90s saw the rise of grunge and alternative fashion, and the likes of Kurt Cobain and other influential musicians and celebrities embraced round sunglasses. The circular shape of the sunglasses added a unique touch to their outfits and helped to define the grunge aesthetic.

Scrunchies Scrunchies are a practical accessory that can be used for various purposes. They can tie up hair without damaging it, as the fabric of the scrunchie is gentle on the hair. They can also be used as a wristband, a bracelet, or a decorative addition to a purse or backpack.

Baggy Overalls Baggy overalls were a major fashion trend in the 1990s, and they are still popular today because they offer a comfortable and relaxed style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Oversized Clothing Oversized clothing was a defining trend of 90s fashion that has continued to be popular recently. The style was popularized by grunge and hip-hop cultures, which embraced looser fits and comfortable clothing.

Plaid Plaid is a classic pattern that has existed for centuries, but it gained popularity in the 90s as part of the grunge fashion movement. The grunge look was about embracing a casual, laid-back style that rejected the flashy and overly-polished fashion of the 80s.

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