6 Foods People Admit Are More Hype Than Flavor

Have you ever dined at a restaurant with a ridiculous menu? Last year, I had a reservation at The Sugar Factory and ordered a veggie burger dipped in Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust. The sandwich didn’t taste much different than a regular veggie burger and instantly hurt my stomach, but I gave in to the temptation of “weird food” menu items.

According to an internet thread, 6 overrated foods are lacking in flavor.

“A lot of places don’t put any effort into actually decorating. When I get fancy desserts without gold, they take extra effort to drizzle syrup in patterns and place fruits fancily, but gold flake desserts place a handful of flakes over it and call it a day,” a dessert connoisseur shares.

1. Fancy Flaking

A forum member says bacon absorbs flavor from other foods paired with and is a “second-string meat.” Another bacon despiser states that when they went vegan, everyone they told worried about getting on without consuming bacon.

2. Bacon

The Flamin’ Hot collection of food multiplies every day. A few years ago, flamin’ hot Cheetos populated grocery aisles as a novelty snack, but today, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Flaming Hot Jerky, and Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheese.

3. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Mac N’ Cheese

Crumbl Cookie is a Utah-based franchise that overtook social media a few years ago, displaying extravagant quarter-pound cookies in a revolving door of flavors. Crumbl Cookie customers allege the hockey pucks come undercooked, oversalted, and way too sweet to enjoy.

4. Crumbl Cookie

Fondant is a stellar example of food used for show, not flavor. Bakers make the hard icing from a combination of gelatin, sugar, water, and shortening, which is the worst part of decorative cakes.

5. Fondant

“Pumpkin spice everything. I never got the craze, and maybe it’s because I grew to dislike pumpkin, but I feel that can be overrated too,” an avid pumpkin spice detester writes. Piggybacking off that thought, someone says that pumpkin spice flavor is just nutmeg and cinnamon.

6. Pumpkin Spice

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