6 Guilty Pleasures Women Admit They Spent Way Too Much On

We all have our guilty pleasures, those little indulgences that bring us joy but sometimes leave our wallets gasping for air.

Read further as we dive into 6 such pleasures women of an online forum admit they spent too much on.

This purchase was a game-changer for someone who isn’t a morning person. Say goodbye to the soul-sucking noise of your regular alarms.

1. Waking Up Gently: The Luxurious Alarm Clock

A member shares her experience of splurging in a fancy hotel room only to be utterly upset with what she thought would’ve been her time to relax and enjoy.

2. Vacation Mode

Our pets often find a special place in our hearts; sometimes, we can’t resist splurging on them. One member confesses to going into the pet store for a $50 bag of dog food and ending up with a $130 bill.

3. Furry Friends

One woman purchased movie tickets for a lovely evening out with her significant other. However, she was quite disappointed as her partner wished they would’ve just waited for it to come on a streaming service.

4. Movie Night

That’s what happened to this woman who found the perfect chair for her living room. She bought it without hesitation and said she has no regrets splurging on it.

5. The Perfect Chair: Upscaling Your Space

The high farming costs and complicated growing cycles of cherries make them an expensive indulgence.

6. Cherries: Drops of Heaven

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