6 Hated Movie Clichés That Irk Moviegoers

With so many movies being released each year, however, it’s no surprise that certain clichés have become more common on the big screen.

This article will explore some of the most hated movie clichés and why they continue to irrationally anger moviegoers.

The Wilhelm Scream

It’s a high-pitched scream that was originally recorded for the 1951 film “Distant Drums,” and it’s been used in everything from “Star Wars” to “The Lord of the Rings.”

The Magical Computer Expert In many action movies and thrillers, there’s always one character who’s able to hack into any computer system in a matter of seconds. They can break into secure government databases, decrypt encrypted files, and even take control of traffic lights with ease.

The Lame One-Liner We’ve all seen it: the hero has just defeated the bad guy, and they deliver a cheesy one-liner that’s supposed to be witty and memorable. 

The Unnecessary Love Story In many movies, there’s a romantic subplot that feels forced and unnecessary. The hero and the love interest have no chemistry, but they end up together anyway because it’s expected.

The Convenient Coincidence In some movies, the plot relies on a convenient coincidence to move forward. For example, the hero just happens to find a crucial piece of evidence lying on the ground, or they run into the one person who can help them solve the case.

The Obvious Plot Twist In some movies, the plot twist is so obvious that viewers can see it coming from a mile away. For example, the “surprise” reveal that the hero’s friend was actually the villain all along. 

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