10 Hollywood Legends Exiled

Over the years, there have been multiple falls from grace. The reasons behind these capitulations can be anything from excessive drinking or drug abuse, inappropriate conduct of a physical nature, or even political affiliations.

Legends Once Successful and Acclaimed Now Exiled

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) To kick the discussion off, Breakfast at Tiffany’s received a lot of grief, though not because of any male vs. female dichotomy. Mickey Rooney’s yellowface interpretation of an Asian landlord is cringe 101. Even in the ‘60s, this must have crossed a line.

Mel Gibson Before cancel culture had a stranglehold over western society, Gibson was famously arrested after a DUI, with cops reporting antisemitic remarks and drunken behavior. Somehow, he evaded total cancelation and has made a comeback of late.

American Beauty (1999) Sam Mendes even agreed the backlash American Beauty received was, in some ways, a good thing. The portrayal of a dad falling in lust with his daughter’s teenage friend was bound to raise some eyebrows. Then there is also Kevin Spacey (see below).

Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey’s stellar acting career is impossible to ignore. However, it is now tarnished by allegations of inappropriate advances with a younger man when he was director of London’s Old Vic Theater.

Roman Polanski For obvious reasons, Polanski gets a mention. Younger film lovers will likely see his work before they hear the story, which may be for the best. A director exiling himself in Paris to stop extradition for physical misdemeanors with a minor is not good optics.

Birth of a Nation (1915) Made in 1915, this ‘movie’ charts the lives of a Northern and Southern family during the American Civil War. There is a good reason for the posthumous outrage on this film’s depiction of African Americans and its praise of the KKK.

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