6 Ingredients Home Chefs Say Aren’t Worth the Hype

Every home chef has their preferred ingredients to cook with, but many believe that some people cook with ingredients that are better off left in the refrigerator or pantry! Recently, home chefs converged in an online discussion to reveal all the kitchen ingredients that, sadly, aren’t worth the hype.

Do you cook with any of these popular ingredients?

Overwhelmingly, people cite sriracha as a common condiment that home chefs should lay off! The popular hot sauce has an overwhelming flavor profile; a little goes a long way in transforming a dish.

1. Sriracha

In the last decade, restaurants decided to douse standard restaurant French fries in truffle oil, and now more home chefs than ever are using it in their own kitchens. However, the synthetic oil doesn’t have many fans in 2023.

2. Truffle Oil

In the eyes of many, using edible gold leaves in homecooked meals reeks of desperation. Sure, these leaves have a place in high-end restaurants, but there’s no reason amateur chefs should use this particular ingredient.

3. Gold Leaves

Let me be the first to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with the home chefs who believe runny eggs do not belong on burgers! Who are these gatekeepers of good taste? In my mind, nothing elevates a cheeseburger more than a perfectly cooked, over-easy egg.

4. Runny Eggs on Burgers

How did this cured meat become so popular, anyway? “I worked under a chef who became obsessed with pancetta to the point that he was replacing completely unrelated meats with it,” reveals one former restaurant line cook.

5. Pancetta

Many people are confused as to why beefsteak tomatoes are so popular with home cooks. In their eyes, many different varieties of tomatoes taste better. From Brandywine to Campari tomatoes, there are much better options to top a cheeseburger than beefsteak tomatoes.

6. Beefsteak Tomatoes

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